5 Facts About Clinomania

There are a number of people suffering from Clinomania or Dysania these days. A number of assumptions have been made about this condition making it tough to figure out which ones are true and which ones are just myths. If you’re looking to clear the air about Clinomania, here are a few facts you need to know about this condition.

It Is Not A Sleeping Disorder
Clinomania simply means an addiction to your bed. It has nothing to do with sleep. A person who suffers from this condition does not feel sleepy; they just don’t feel like getting out of bed. They tend to do most of their stuff in bed which includes eating, reading and watching television. A person who suffers from Clinomania does not have a sleeping disorder. They have no trouble in waking up when their alarm goes off, the only problem they have is getting out of the bed. This is an anxiety disorder and not anything that is related to sleep. Clinomaniac’s sleep like any other normal person and wake up like them too.

It Is Not A Disease
Clinomania is not a disease; it is something to do with your mind, not your body. A disease is something that affects your body. This is a condition which is caused due to several factors in a person’s life which makes them feel less interested in their daily activities. This condition is not contagious and it’s not hereditary either. A person with no history of Clinomania can suffer from this condition and someone with either parents suffering from this condition can lead a normal life.

It Can Happen To You
Clinomania can happen to anyone. A person who can’t handle stressful or hurtful situations well can succumb to this condition. It is also more common in introverts who find it tough to share their feelings and emotions with others. If you are upset about something it is always better to talk about it and look for a solution than to sulk about it and keep it to yourself.

It’s Common In Depressed People
When someone is depressed, they have no reason to get out of bed. They feel their life is not worth living and they begin to ignore the people that care for them. Depression comes in various forms and one of the most prominent ways to spot depression is through the lack of interest in daily activities. If you know any person who just doesn’t like to get out of their home or bed because of certain occurrences in their life, it is always good to look out for such people and encourage them to talk about it.

It Is Curable
This is not something you need to live with for the rest of your life. Clinomania is curable and there are a number of people who have overcome this condition to lead normal lives. If you know of any person suffering from this condition, or if you think you are, it’s time to get some expert assistance to overcome it.