Are You A Clinomaniac

Clinomania is more commonly known as Dysania which is a term used for people who find it hard to get out of bed. The word Clinomania literally translates to bed addiction. People who suffer from this condition tend to stay in bed for prolonged periods of time ignoring their daily routine and commitments. This is a condition that needs treatment because when it’s ignored a person tends to suffer from a number of health related problems as well as personal and professional issues.

A person who suffers from Clinomania is usually depressed has an anxiety disorder. It makes them choose their bed over other things and they want to stay in bed all day to avoid facing the outside world. Clinomania is regarded as an anxiety disorder where the patient has no problem in waking up, however they can’t find themselves wanting to leave the bed. There are a number of reasons for them to feel this way.

Lack of Motivation
A person who has no motivation or aim in life doesn’t have any reason to get out of bed. This makes them feel useless and they don’t feel they are needed. It could be at work or in a relationship. This lack of motivation tends to push them towards the early stages of depression where they feel unwanted and ignored. This condition slowly turns into clinomania where they seek comfort in bed.

Constant Disapproval
When someone is constantly disapproving of your behavior, acts and actions no matter how hard you try, you tend to lose interest in doing anything. This feeling of constant rejection leads a person to feel unwanted and unappreciated which gives them no reason to get out of bed.

When you try really hard to achieve something and you fail, there is disappointment. However, you need to let go of the feeling and move on. People who hold on to failure tend to get depressed and turn into a clinomaniac. One needs to remember that failure is a part of life and it only helps you become stronger. If you let your underachievement’s get to you, there is no way you will manage to move ahead and face more challenges.

If you’re suffering from a constant feeling of getting into bed and not wanting to get out, you might be suffering from Clinomania. You need to learn what is causing this feeling in order for you to deal with it. If you’re strong enough, you will overcome the disorder.

There are also medications and various treatment methods available to help you overcome this problem. You can always seek expert help to get over this condition. It is not a disease and it is curable. The sooner you accept you have a problem, the sooner you can treat yourself and lead a normal life. Clinomania tends to worsen when ignored, so act fast and get rid of this condition in the early stages.