Clinomania is simply an excessive abnormal desire to stay in bed, especially in the mornings.

A clinomaniac is defined as someone who suffers from the condition called clinomania or dysania as it more commonly known.

What are the characteristics of a clinomaniac?

Are there specially defined lists of characteristics that are symptomatic of a clinomaniac?

Does a clinomaniac fit a particular personality profile? Are clinomanaics simply lazy bums who refuse to get out of bed in the morning because of their laziness?

In this article we will be discussing the characteristics that commonly define persons who are clinomaniacs.

Lack of Motivation
A clinomaniac often lacks sufficient motivation that would drive him to get things done. His only obsession is sleep and it the only thing that he is motivated to do. Clinomanaics suffering from depression are probably more likely to demonstrate this trait.

Distant (Living in a Dream World)
The day dreamer, always distant. Seemingly indifferent to what is going on around him. This is another characteristic that is often demonstrated by clinomaniacs. Sleeping is the day dreamer’s friend. Persons such as this often create imaginary worlds that act as a safe haven or a better substitute for their current reality.

Persons suffering from clinomania often have an inclination for the demonstration of addictive behavior. In this case the person has developed an addiction for bed rest-sleep. This person likely has other things in life that he may be addicted to.

Procrastination is pretty simple put the habit of putting of things that should be done to a later date. This is also a characteristic that is often found in clinomaniac. The clinomaniac usually has a laissez faire attitude towards life and is often inclined to leave things that need to be done to the very last minute.

Down To Earth (Easy Going)
Person who have clinomania are normally very easy going and down to earth and easy going individuals. They are easy usually to talk to and easy to get along with. They normally fit well into most social groups because their down to earth personality and openness make them adaptable, allowing them to easily assimilate into differing social environments.

Studies have shown that introverts are much more likely to be clinomanaics than persons with extroverted personality traits. Introverts are normally very introspective, dreamy and they possess an inherent need to recharge their batteries through sleeping especially after being sociable for an extended period of time.

A large group of depressed persons suffer from clinomania. Clinomanaics are often demotivated, often lacking any real desire to do anything or get anything done. They prefer to sleep for extended periods of time in an effort to escape from reality or drown out the pain they may feel inside. If the person lives in close proximity to his source of depression it makes him even more likely to demonstrate behavior symptomatic of a clinomaniac.

All of the above mentioned personality traits although found in clinomanaics are often seen in persons suffering from other conditions such as sleep apnea, depression and a host of others.