Common Clinomania Myths Busted

Clinomania is also known as Dysania. This condition is one that compels a person to stay in bed for prolonged periods without feeling the need to move out. This condition does not make you sleep; it just makes you stay in bed. There are a number of myths associated with clinomania that need to be cleared. If you’re in doubt about whether you suffer from clinomania or not, here’s what you need to know.

Clinomania Is Not A Sleeping Disorder
Contrary to what most people believe, clinomania is not a sleeping disorder. A person who suffers from this condition does not feel the need to sleep any more than a normal individual. This condition is associated with the need to just lay in bed even when you are awake. A person with this condition wakes up like any normal person, but doesn’t feel like getting out of bed. They find strange comfort in their bed and do not feel the need to get up. They tend to delay all their personal and professional commitments and usually make up stories about urgencies or health just so they can stay in bed and do nothing. There are various reasons why a person can feel this way, and in order for one to get control of this situation it is essential for them to understand that they have a problem that needs attention.

Clinomania Is Different From Depression
Although depression can cause certain people to turn clinomaniac, this condition is different from depression. There are a number reasons a person suffers from this condition and one of those reasons is depression. However some people also suffer from clinomania because they are lonely, they lack motivation in life or they are going through tough situations which they cannot deal with. Most of the people who suffer from clinomania go through this ordeal mainly because they fail to talk about their problems and they let these problems get the better of them. They tend to stay in bed and think about the bad things. The more they think about it, the larger the problem seems to get and they can’t manage to find solutions to it which makes them avoid going out and facing the world. A bad break up too can cause people to become clinomaniac. This could mainly be because going outside and visiting certain places could remind you of the person you miss.

There are various levels of clinomania that one suffers from. While some people suffer mild clinomania that they can deal with and still get out of bed although they don’t want to, others suffer a more severe form of this condition that keeps them in bed all day.

It Needs To Be Treated
The longer you ignore clinomania the worst it gets. You need to get this condition treated before it begins to affect your personal and professional life. There are a number of treatment options available that help cure clinomania from the root and help you recover.