How to Cure Clinomania

Clinomania is considered a psychopathological condition where persons desire for extra sleep and rest in the bed turns into his obsession. Clinomaniacs spends maximum time in their bed. They find it difficult to leave their bed, and if they leave they face severe anxiety and tension in them. There are many different causes behind the development of clinomania for example unhealthy lifestyle and diet, comorbid psychological disorder or lack of motivation. Though Clinomania is rare term but it is a legitimate condition. People who suffer from Clinomania need to seek help from medical professionals. Treatment of clinomania can range from the chemical use to the physical treatment and to the psychological interventions. Following are some treatment measures that can help reduce the severity of clinomania and promote healthy day to day functioning.

Medical Treatment:
Clinomaniacs may sometimes require drug therapy to deal with serious condition. The most effective seem to be those that specifically inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, such as clomipramine or the SSRIs. Stimulants and antidepressant drugs can also prove helpful in dealing with Clinomania. Drug therapy is effective in regulating individual’s sleep cycle and helps in reducing feeling of fatigue and tiredness if present.

Psychological Therapies:
Psychological interventions can help a Clinomania sufferer, in controlling the urge to be in the bed and reducing anxiety associated with it. Behavioural therapies can benefit in eliciting and maintaining desired behaviours (for example reinforcements can be provided on physical activities that are away from their bedroom areas like jogging, meditation, exercise, etc). Cognitive therapies can help in reducing anxiety and tension associated with the thought of leaving their bed. Psychological therapies are also an essential tool that will help in the treatment of underlying cause of clinomania with the treatment of its superficial symptoms.

Change in Lifestyle:
Developing healthy lifestyle and proper daily routine will have positive effect on Clinomania patients. Behavioural changes (like avoiding late night internet surfing, reducing alcohol consumption, etc) can help in producing quality sleep at night and reducing daytime tiredness and fatigue resulting in desired outcome for clinomaniacs. Furthermore including exercise, meditation, and more physical activities in daily routine can also replace Clinomania symptoms. Apart from this developing sleep routine in one’s self is effective in treatment and prevention of Clinomania.

Modifying diet will also greatly assist in the treatment of clinomania. Clinomania and diet are related because there are certain foods that may adversely affect sleeping pattern and worsen Clinomania symptoms. In other words incorporating certain foods can perk up one’s energy levels and beat fatigue which will help with the treatment of Clinomania by reducing anxiety and relieving drowsiness induced in Clinomaniacs. Reducing alcohol, drugs and caffeine consumption and increasing carbohydrate rich food in your diet can combat symptoms of clinomania.

Thus there is no single treatment strategy that can heal Clinomania, indeed several strategies should be integrated to get effective results. With therapeutic interventions, it is also important that psychotherapist promote awareness of clinomania and its effects on individual’s life.