Lack of Energy And Clinomania

I feel so tired, I don’t have energy to do any work, I am feeling weak’ you will often hear these lines from Clinomania sufferers but is Clinomania actually a result of lack of energy or fatigue?

Clinomania is more of a psychological disorder where a person is obsessed with bed and bed related object. Clinomaniacs find their desire to be in the bed more important than any other activity and responsibility. They find it difficult to leave there bed in the morning and through out the day. Act of leaving their bed and even the thought of going apart from bed can create anxiety in them. To avoid this anxiety experience they often give different excuses as being fatigued, out of energy etc. They do not fake these excuses consciously, in reality they do feel that they are victims of such fatigue.

When Lack of physical energy and mental energy cause a person to sleep excessively and avoid life challenges it is known as chronic fatigue syndrome. People with chronic fatigue syndrome often show excessive physical and mental fatigue. This experience causes a person to feel ill and weak and interfere with ones work, play and social activities. Fatigue can be caused due to anemia, thyroid, neurotransmitter imbalance, hormonal imbalance, insomnia etc. In chronic fatigue syndrome lack of energy is the main cause of persons sleepiness but Clinomania is totally different condition it is like a addiction which pulls a person into bed. Thus Clinomania is not related disorder to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lack of energy in Clinomania have no physical basis instead it is a result of absence of motivation in them. Clinomaniacs lack motivation and there fore they have low drive which helps a person to carry out day to day life activities. Motivation is a force and a push factor which gives (mental) energy to an individual in order to achieve their goal. Lack of motivation cause a person feel out of energy. Furthermore Clinomania and depression comorbid disorders and a person can suffer from Clinomania and depression at the same time. Depression can also causes a person to feel less energetic, fatigued, and tired. Thus Clinomania is more than just being over tiered and fatigued.

Clinomania also differ from other sleep disorders like hypersomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Though the symptoms of these disorders apparently seem to be similar but they widely differ in their nature. People with sleep disorder show excessive need of sleep where as clinomaniacs are obsessed with sleep related objects like bed, pillow and blanket.

Clinomania is caused due to factors like unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet routine, chronic Illness and as a part of preexisting psychological disorder. People who think they are sufferer need to take medical help in order to better understand and deal with their condition. Clinomania is curable disorder and a promising treatment plan can help in reducing symptoms of clinomania. Drug therapy, psychological intervention, dietary changes, and healthy lifestyle can be considered for treatment of clinomania.