Living With Clinomania

Are you obsessed with your bed? Do you find it difficult to leave your bed in the morning? Are you always occupied with thoughts related to bed? If you are also troubled by these things you might be suffering from Clinomania. It is considered as anxiety disorder which is characterised by excessive desire for being in bed. Clinomania has adverse effect on physical as well as psychological well being of an individual; more over it create significant distress in individual’s personal, social and occupational functioning. There are number of factors which can cause Clinomania for example, inappropriate diet, unhealthy lifestyle, depression etc. There are some tips which can help you reduce as well as prevent Clinomania.

Get adequate quality sleep: it is advisable to Clinomaniacs to get quality sleep at night which will reduce tiredness and fatigue in them.

Use bed only when you feel sleepy, it is not good idea to use laptop, mobile, other similar gadget or watch TV when you are in bed.

Establish bed time routine and follow relaxing sleep hygiene.

Don’t stay awake in bed for more than ten minutes. If you are preoccupied with thoughts try taking a small walk or sit o chair for some time.

Set your bedroom atmosphere quite and comfortable and avoid spending day time in your bedroom.

Develop healthy ways to deal with emotional term oil and avoid emotional conversation and activities when you are in bed and avoid stress and late night jobs. Avoid late night parties and and other late night activities.

Reduce intake of alcohol especially at night, avoid caffeine and stop cigarette smoking.

Include plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet plan. Fruits and vegetables helps in regulating your circadian rhythm.

Increase your amount of water intake, Taking adequate amount of water nourishes and detoxifies the body.

Exercise: incorporate exercise in your daily routine it improves well being. Exercise also helps in release of serotonin.

Meditation can also help you to gain control over yourself.

Maintain your health and avoid weight gain by increasing your physical activities.

Eat well balanced diet. Eat protein rich food with carbs in your breakfast, this will give you energy to carry out your activities and take carbohydrates rich dinner which will help you create more relaxed state of mind.

Eat your food at regular interval to avoid tiredness and weakness and to promote stable blood glucose level.

Ensure adequate exposure to natural light in order to maintain sleep wake cycle.

Develop positive coping strategies and try to fill your life with joy and happiness.

It is also advisable to take professional help to deal with Clinomania. Health care professionals are in the better position to rule out underlying cause of clinomania and provide treatment plan for it. This treatment plan is a combination of drug therapy and psychological interventions. Thus Clinomania is curable with proper help and support.