Managing Clinomania

Having difficulty waking up in the morning. Do you realize that you are often late for work, school or that very important function? For clinomanaics this is something they have to deal with daily. Sleep is literally ruling their lives.

Alarm Method:
You can start by setting multiple alarms on your phone and use an app where it requires you to answer a math question or questions in order to shut off the alarm. you can even put phone a fair distance away from bed. Just can’t seem to stay up when wake up.

Nature Calling Method:
You can force your body to wake you up through the stimulation the body to emit waste.

You can start by drinking 1.5 cups of water before bed (assuming you don’t have any medical conditions that increase frequency of urination). The minute you open your eyes, you will have to pee so uncomfortably that you’ll be forced to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. At that point, you’re more than half way there. Seriously though try taking a shower to wake up. I tried hiding my alarm under clothes and shit so I’d have to find a frisking shovel to find the alarm. Setting multiple alarms and/or using the snooze button are your problems. Instead of setting a multitude of alarms, set one alarm at the latest possible time you need to wake up (a time you would not be able to press snooze) and tell yourself before you go to sleep that you must wake up with your alarm. I used to be a chronic “snoozer” but this method proved to work really well. I wake up more refreshed in the morning because the last hour of sleep wasn’t interrupted every ten minutes.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Method:
My girlfriend sometimes holds me and kisses me gently until I wake up. It’s the most amazing experience ever, and I love every minute of it. It doesn’t make me want to get out of bed, but it sure is nice. For your situation, perhaps you should try going to sleep earlier. Your body may require more rest than you’re giving it. You can’t change when you wake up, so you have to change when you go to sleep. I have an alarm clock that slowly turns on a light as it approaches the set time. It tricks my brain into thinking that the sun is coming up. It’s a very low-stress way of waking up.

Give these methods a try and you may very well see an improvement in your sleep/waking experience.