What Causes Clinomania

Clinomania, also known as Dysania is the term used for people who find it difficult to get out of bed. You’ll be surprised to learn the number of people who suffer from this condition. While excessive sleeping could be a cause of sheer laziness, people who suffer from Clinomania take sleeping and spending time in bed to a whole new level. This is not normal and while people think they are tired or don’t have enough energy to get out of bed, it’s a condition that needs to be treated on time in order to prevent it from worsening. Continue reading “What Causes Clinomania”

Effectively Preventing Clinomania

Health Sleeping Tips
So, this is all completely anecdotal, but here’s some things that have helped me:

First, if you’re in a sleep deficit (you haven’t slept for a full night in a while, most of your sleeping lately has been drunken passing out, etc) take a couple days to a week of going to bed at the same time and waking up naturally — no alarm. Use your best judgment to know how much sleeping to you’ll need; I usually allow myself ten hours and make sure I have no morning meetings that week.

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Treating Clinomania

Many people go through life with clinomania undiagnosed. After diagnosis its important address the symptoms of this psychological condition in order to return or bring your life into some semblance of normalcy. Clinomania is a psychological condition therefore in order to properly diagnose and treat this order an evaluation by a certified psychologist is necessary. Your psychologist will make the necessary medicinal recommendations that he may see fit. Continue reading “Treating Clinomania”

Managing Clinomania

Having difficulty waking up in the morning. Do you realize that you are often late for work, school or that very important function? For clinomanaics this is something they have to deal with daily. Sleep is literally ruling their lives.

Alarm Method:
You can start by setting multiple alarms on your phone and use an app where it requires you to answer a math question or questions in order to shut off the alarm. you can even put phone a fair distance away from bed. Just can’t seem to stay up when wake up.

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Clinomania is simply an excessive abnormal desire to stay in bed, especially in the mornings.

A clinomaniac is defined as someone who suffers from the condition called clinomania or dysania as it more commonly known.

What are the characteristics of a clinomaniac?

Are there specially defined lists of characteristics that are symptomatic of a clinomaniac?

Does a clinomaniac fit a particular personality profile? Are clinomanaics simply lazy bums who refuse to get out of bed in the morning because of their laziness?

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Overview of Clinomania

Sleep is an essential biological need of human beings, but too little or too much of anything can cause significant problems in your life. The study of sleep has a long influence in abnormal psychology. For example Moral treatment, used in the 19th century encouraged patients to get adequate amount of sleep as a part of therapy for people with severe mental illness (Charland, 2008). Researchers have found that both sleep deprivation and excessive sleep have profound effects on the persons normal functioning. Continue reading “Overview of Clinomania”

What is Clinomania

Clinomania is a psychopathological condition where the sufferer experience excessive need to be in bed. The word Clinomania is derived from a Greek word ‘clino’ which means ‘bed’ and ‘mania’ which refer to a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect and obsession. Clinomania often considered as an anxiety disorder as it involves obsession with bed and other things that are associated with bed. Continue reading “What is Clinomania”