Signs That Clearly Indicate You Suffer From Clinomania

Clinomania is a condition where a person has an excessive desire to stay in bed all day. People who suffer from clinomania are obssesed with their bed and hate getting out of bed. If you think you might be suffering from this condition, here are a few points that can help you identify whether or not you’re a clinomaniac.

#1 – After a long day at work, all you can think of is hitting the pillow. Any other house work, cooking, cleaning or even meeting friends for that matter doesn’t interest you as much as sleeping does.
#2 – Looking at your bed makes you happy. You can’t wait for the day to end so you and your bed can be united again. A simple glace can make you feel warm and comfortable.
#3- Sleeping in bed gives you pleasure. Even if you’re in a relationship, you’d rather sleep than spend some cuddle time with your partner. All you want is to lay down in bed, preferably alone and enjoy hours of peaceful sleep.
#4 – When asked what makes you happy you usually talk about laying in bed sleeping or just relaxing. You find happiness in your bed and you can’t compare it with any other joy in the world. You would rather stay in bed than sit on the couch to watch a game.
#5 – You dream about your bed and you secretly wish there was one in each room. You also imagine what it would feel like to have a bed in office so you can slip under the blanket and rest for a while.
#6 – Nothing is more important to you than your bed. You love it more than most of the things you own and even some people. Your bed is a small universe in itself for you and you are deeply connected to it.
#7- All your emotional breakdowns happen on your bed. You find it more comforting than actual human contact. You prefer to sulk in bed than talk about your feelings.
#8- You are often teased about your relationship with you bed, and you really don’t mind it at all.
#9 – You find it annoying when anyone points out that you spend too many hours in bed and you often feel they are sabotaging your relationship with your bed.
#10- Spending time in bed for you doesn’t mean sleeping. You enjoy eating in bed, watching TV in bed, listening to music and any activities that you can think of you imagine doing it in bed.
#11- You often imagine your bed requesting you to stay in a little longer, and you usually agree and stay back.
#12- It is really hard for you to get out of bed. Your alarm is snoozed multiple times and if you ever have to get into office a few hour early for a meeting you need to set up at least 5 alarms to ensure you get up on time.
#13 – No matter how hard you try to get out of bed on time, you will find a reason to stay in for a couple of minutes more.
#14 – Leaving your bed makes your heart sink, you always regret doing it only a few hours after you’re out of bed.
#15 – When you’re asked about your hobby, the first thing that comes to your mind is laying in bed.

If you relate to these signs you suffer Clinomania, and you need to get treated in order to lead a normal life. Clinomania can get worse when ignored, so pay attention to your body and seek treatment when necessary.