Treating Clinomania

Many people go through life with clinomania undiagnosed. After diagnosis its important address the symptoms of this psychological condition in order to return or bring your life into some semblance of normalcy. Clinomania is a psychological condition therefore in order to properly diagnose and treat this order an evaluation by a certified psychologist is necessary. Your psychologist will make the necessary medicinal recommendations that he may see fit. It’s quite likely though that it can be treated without the use of medication and he may recommend various techniques designed to help you overcome this mental block. After evaluation and diagnosis your psychologist may make the following recommendations:

Change in Lifestyle And Diet
This will require you to know which foods that must be avoided and which should be incorporated into your diet. Its very important to avoid caffeinated beverages. If your body has an intake of more than 1000mg of caffeine daily it can lead to some of the symptoms associated with clinomania such as irritability, restlessness and a desire to stay in bed after sleeping for 8-10 hours.

Some beverages that contain caffeine are; coffee, green tea, black tea, chai tea, Pepsi, Coco Cola.

There are also sweets that contain caffeine such as jelly beans, jaw breakers, chewing gum, mints and chocolate bars. Most candies or sweets that have energy boosting qualities will most likely have some amount of caffeine in them ranging from 50-100%.

Limiting your intake of alcohol will also be necessary. If consumed in exorbitant amounts it can lead to feelings of restlessness before going to bed and fatigue after long hours of sleep.

Don’t consume too much liquids or food two hours before bed time. Liquids are normally placed at the back of the queue by your body in the digestion process. If the digestion process takes places just prior to sleep it may make you uncomfortable and not allow you to sleep when you want to.

Exercising 20-30 minutes per day is as exercise is a healthy sleep conduit.(its great for sleep). It should be done about 5 hours prior to bedtime if not it may have the opposite effect and actually inhibit your ability to sleep normally when you should.

Why is it Important For Clinomaniacs to Sleep Well?
Most clinomaniacs do not sleep very well. They often feel very fatigued which accounts for them not wanting to get out of bed.

If you don’t get a good night’s sleep in the night you may very well pay for it in the morning. You may feel drowsy, irritable and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed.

Many persons who suffer from clinomania do so because they have horrible sleeping practices.

Good Sleep Hygiene
Only go to bed when you are sleepy. Many people sleep out of boredom which can cause erratic sleeping habits. Your body works best when you have a daily set sleeping range of hours e.g 10pm-12pm nightly.

Before going to sleep practice relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques calm the mind and the body are very conducive to healthy sleep.

If you would like to try the medication route the following tablets are recommended.

Its effects are pretty straight forward and simple. It will calm you down and make you sleepy. It also has almost no serious side effects that would be counterproductive to your objective of treating clinomania.

Melatonin has strong linkages to sleep and has been touted by many as the “sleep drug”. If taken, dosage should not exceed 0.3mg per use.

The techniques discussed in this article are general tips which may be suggested by your health professional for treating clinomania. Although these methods are safe, persons who suffer from this disorder should first consult your health personnel before enacting any of these measures.