What is Clinomania

Clinomania is a psychopathological condition where the sufferer experience excessive need to be in bed. The word Clinomania is derived from a Greek word ‘clino’ which means ‘bed’ and ‘mania’ which refer to a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect and obsession. Clinomania often considered as an anxiety disorder as it involves obsession with bed and other things that are associated with bed. Like in other anxiety disorder these obsessions are also uncontrollable, unwanted and create a significant distress among the victims. Typically, the person suffering from clinomania experiences increased level of tension and anxiety related to the urge of being in bed, this tension is reduced only with the fulfilment of such desires. If this desire or urge is not fulfilled the person experience great level of distress and emotional turmoil. Hence to avoid such experiences clinomaniacs tend to spend most of the time in the bed. A clinomaniacs’s obsession with bed rest can sometimes get so severe that it extend to several, hours, days and weeks. This condition potentially cause personal and health problems but the uncontrolled urge pull the sufferer into the bed regardless of consequences. Furthermore clinomania have negative effects on jobs and relationships simply because of their obsession with bed rest.

Many people use Clinomania and Dysania interchangeably but The term Dysania is typically used to denotes extreme difficulty in getting out of the bed in the morning where as Clinomania is the urge to stay in the bed that is experienced through out the day. Indeed, People who suffer from Clinomania do experience Dysania also but it is not necessary for a Dysania suffered to also experience Clinomania.

Clinomania is not laziness: Clinomania is often mistaken as laziness, but Laziness and Clinomania are two different things. Clinomania is more of a medical condition where person has no control over his or her desires. where as laziness is nothing but lack of motivation and willingness to take up responsibility. In clinomania person is willing to refrain himself from sleep but has no control over his or her desires. On the other hand lazy people consciously choose to rest and sleep over any other responsibilities. Clintomania tend to affect all aspects of day to day functioning and causes significant emotional disturbance whereas laziness have a little association with emotions.

Clinomania is different from sleep disorders: Though the excessive sleepiness is a common symptom in Clinomania, Narcolapsy and Hypersomnia and all three have a significant effect on individual’s wellbeing but they differ from each other. Narcolapsy have its basis in neurology that leads to excessive tiredness and day time sleeping. Hypersomnia is excessive day time sleeping which is caused due to disturbed sleeping pattern. People with hypersomnia can sleep anywhere, at anytime. hypersomnia is mainly associated with an urge to sleep rather than the place or any object related to sleep. Clinomania is more of a psychological condition categorised under anxiety disorder where person is obsessed with the things associated with sleep like bed, pillow and blanket.